Father And Daughter...

“Papa, whose photo is this?” asked a six years old girl to her father.
“Beta, He is Gandhi bapu. A very respectable person who got the freedom for us.”  Father replied.
“What does the freedom mean?” girl asked out of confusion.
“Our country was ruled by foreign rulers. Bapu made them leave the country and established the home rule.”

It was a photo exhibition at ‘Anasakthi Aashram’, kausani, Uttarakhand. The Father and Daughter duo discussed every photo displayed in the exhibition hall with very innocent and interesting conversation. There came the last photo on the exhibition. They stopped at that photo.

“And this was the funeral after his death” Father said.
“Papa, what does the death mean?” Girl asked.
“Death means he died.” Father Said.
“Why?” Girl asked.
 “Someone shot him down” Father answered.
“Who?” Girl asked curiously.
“A man named Nathuram Godse” Father replied in discomfort.
“But why?” Girl asked.
“Hey look at that fountain outside the block. Isn’t it beautiful? Let’s go there.” Father.
“Yeah. It’s beautiful. Let’s go there.” Girl replied in joy.

There was a worrying sign on the father’s face.
Perhaps he was thinking how long he could keep his child from the bitter truth of the society…  


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